Why Can't You?

So we've entered a new phase of parenthood--I fear this one will last at least through her teenage years. It is the "Why can't you?" "Why didn't you?" and the "Why won't you?" phase. I get asked questions along these lines all day long. As I sit here now, she's just asked me a particularily ticklish duo. The first one was "Why do you always rub yogurt into my arms?" (I have no recollection of EVER doing this and am completely stumped about how to respond). Before I've had a chance to pull together an answer she says, "And why can't you turn me into Wonder Woman?" Again, I'm stumped. So she prods a little. "It's easy," she says. "All I need is a crown."

Hmmm. So that's how it works. Perhaps I should get MYSELF a crown. If I were Wonder Woman I might be able to find myself some answers.