The Proofs are In

The proofs for my book have arrived. I've been tiptoeing around them for several days now. I can't seem to muster the courage to look at them closely.

When I signed for the Fed Ex package it was a whole different story. I was giddy. I couldn't stop touching the pages. They looked so much like a book, and I was dangerousy tempted to believe that I'd be publishing one come September. I even invited two neighbors in to see them. But when one of them picked up the pages and started to skim the words I quickly snatched them away, "You don't have to read this now," I said.

And that seems to be the theme these days. I can't seem to bring myself to really look at the words and face their flouderings and flabbiness. I'm dreading this as anyone might dread a trip to the dentist--only in this case, I have to be both the white-knuckled patient gripping the arms of the dental chair and the dentist shining a bright light into the cavern of my own mouth, looking for cavities and expecting the worst.


Jacoby Vaucher said...

Ha! I get to be your first commentor. Awesome idea about starting a blog... Was this a midnight awakening? What a stack of proofs. I'll definitly be praying for you... BTW you never did tell me what your book is about

Red said...

Yeah! Yippie! Yeah! How very cool and exciting! I'm giddy for you and I'm several miles away. Of course, I will ignore that I also have no desire to see my own words in the hands of others anytime soon. (At least yours doesn't make claim to be the truth for our whole church!) Like sleep, writing ultimately requires surrender. Be bold.

John P. said...
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