Belly Grows, Brain Shrinks

A week from Friday I'll be full term--although we don't expect Natalie to come until mid-November, based on the tardiness of her big sister.

I'm getting a little clumsier and a lot more forgetful. I'd like to share of few of my recent bumbles. I'm hoping that after the baby comes at least a portion of my brain function will return, but I find it a little disconcerting to contemplate that my brain function was never all that it could be to begin with. I'm not so sure that the impending sleep deprivation will improve my condition, either.

1) John found a housekey in the freezer. He pulled it out with a bemused expression on his face and said, "This wouldn't happen to have anything to do with you?" Of course I have no memory whatsoever related to keys or freezers.

2) This one is pretty tragic (I cried so hard that my dog was shaking)--two weeks ago I overwrote/deleted an entire chapter of my book. I had to rewrite the entire blasted thing. It is of course, a little easier to write a chapter after you've already processed the material. I just keep telling myself, "At least I didn't delete the whole book."

3) Last weekend (the day after I deleted the chapter) I lost my parking ticket at the farmer's market and was forced to pay the maximum fee to exit the lot. Of course I found the ticket (in my purse) a few days later, long after my need for it had expired.

4) Just yesterday I went shopping and purchased three cartons of milk. When I was unpacking the milk, however, I could only find two cartons. So I asked John (who had carried the groceries in) if he had seen that third missing carton. he got a half-amused, almost guilty expression on his face. "Jenny, you closed the garage door on that carton and the milk is no more." And then he laughed and laughed.

Oh well. That's all I can say these days. Oh well.


Positive Chaos said...

Hi Jeni - Love your blog i came across it from Molly's. I can completly relate to this post. I am still a bit forgetful 4 weeks
Postpartum but i promise you it gets better. Hang in there!
Take care,

Danielle said...

Hi, I just found your blog through "Boundless." I really enjoyed your thoughtful article on the Amish and forgiveness.

Ashleigh said...

Jenny, I'm Ted's wife and also found your blog through Boundless. Love this post. Can so relate (even though I have yet to close the garage door on a milk carton). I remember the forgetfulness and clumsiness of pregnancy well.

Also, thanks for your article on the Amish and forgiveness. Brought tears to my eyes.

Molly Sabourin said...

You are hilarious Jenny! Although the the part about erasing your book chapter made my skin crawl. Good for you for getting back on your feet and re-writing it! Your words are so warm and relatable to all of us!



Julia said...

This post is hilarious. I can just picture your husband informing you about the garage door incident, with the attitude that one could only reasonably expect two out of three gallons of milk to make it safely to the Schroedel fridge. You have a talent for generating comedy with your mishaps. I want to say: keep it coming! We admire your life work.

I was working a temporary clerical sort of job in my third trimester. I was actually decently efficient and got everything done that needed doing, but my baby-brain showed itself whenever my supervisor would ask me whether or not I had done something and I would just go blank. I couldn't remember what task I had accomplished the day before, or even that morning, or even an hour before. Oi!

Romani said...

Hi Jenny...

I'm not pregnant, but lately I've been feeling the same way. The other morning, as I was leaving my apartment, I went to the door and discovered that I had forgotten to lock it the night before... it was unlocked all night long.

And then two days later, I came home around 10 pm in the dark and discovered I had left it unlocked again! (I went through and checked every crook and cranny, waiting for a creepy man to jump out.)

And then, the other day, I went to spray Febreeze on a pair of jeans, but grabbed the kitchen cleaner instead, and didn't realize it until my pants were all wet!

At least they're bacteria-free.