teacher for the day

So Anna was "teacher for the day" which means that she got to wear Mr. Jeff's keys around her neck all day long, she got to sit in the teacher's chair and generally rule the classroom. I believe that she's been aspiring to this type of role for years.

When she woke, she asked me to help her pick something that an adult might wear. She insisted that she look "totally plain" (this might be a slam, I'm not quite sure). Anyway this what we came up with, grown-up as can be.


Becca said...

It's amazing how conscious kids can be of those kinds of unspoken standards like "grown-ups wear plain clothes, but it's okay for kids to wear more colors and patterns." Or maybe Anna's just particularly observant. Either way, it's pretty neat.

And she does look quite grown-up and in command!

red said...

I'm thinking it's time for a visit from her always vibrant God-mother so she can be reminded all adults are not plain.

Jenny said...

Mi scusi Red,

I think that is a slam!You're like my mom, who tells me often how much more fun it would be to shop for clothes with you-know-who. But if you (all) could see my new shoes you might revise your opinions.

Hmmm . . . now I have an idea for my next post!