new do, no do

So I got a new haircut, and it is exactly what I wanted, a no-do-do. What I mean by that is that this haircut looks exactly the same when I roll out of bed in the morning as it does after I've showered. I don't dry, curl or agonize any more. No product, no hassle. In fact, I'm going to carry my curling iron right out to the alley as soon as I sign off (yeah)!

I'm a little embarrassed to post this, but I need to hear from my dear girlfriends, because my hubby has been less-than-enthusiastic about the new do. In fact, when I came through the door with it, he simply said, "Oh."

At that point I was feeling a little delicate, as if I'd made some kind of cosmic error by chopping my hair. On the long walk to the train, I kept peeking in every store window on Michigan Ave hoping to catch my reflection. Maya and Anna finally said, "What are you doing?"

When I got home I called my mom for advice. She said, "Just be with it and see what you think in a few days." I must say that it is delightful to have one less to do on on my list each day.

P.S. I took the photo myself. Amber is training me into the fine art of self-portraiture.


Dove Knits said...

I already told you I liked it, and if it means no hassle for you -- great! I like the back especially.

I also like how you look just like Anna from the previous post.

Lucy said...

oh, you know I love the cut! And the photo is lovely too. Futhermore, I'm taking this opportunity to broadcast my opinion that your hair looks better a bit dirty. I know that's not the most popular position, but you look more like Lady Di when your hair is "weathered". Hmmmmmmm?

Jenny said...

Hey Lucy and Tanya,

Thanks for your kind words!


Ser said...

I love your hair! And I love that you took your curling iron to the alley--what a Jenny-like gesture. The hair is cut, the curling iron is out of your life.

I'm returning to Chicago at about 2 in the morning on Tuesday, so I'll call you on Tuesday or Wednesday.


Julia said...

You don't know how much jealousy people with straight hair can incite in people like me. I wish I could chop mine that short, but I'd look like Krusty the Klown.

That's all to say I like your new haircut.