phone curse

For several years we have been afflicted by a "phone curse." Every phone connection we've ever had has been unstable and unpredictable. People call our home and our cells and get a variety of results, anything from the buzz of a fax machine (we don't have one) to a busy signal (we do have call waiting) to a reroute to our cells or our home so that the number called is not actually the phone that rings.

We are nearly as befuddled by our phone situation as the small remnant who still continue to call us. Our problems may be at least partially self-inflicted (today I was explaining to Amber that my "unique genius" is that I never read the manuals for anything but instead glory in the process of figuring things out all by my lonesome).

My hubby, for his part, loves new technology and is always experimenting with new and exciting phone innovations. I can't help but feel a little like the woman who is married to the contractor who always lives in a partially finished home. All technology around our home is a work-in-progress.

I can't resist including a recent message from my inbox to illustrate the point. John has set up all messages to go through our phone and land in our email inboxes. It used to be that they only went to his, and he would only forward my messages on occasionally, when he was feeling especially congenial.

After much pleading on my part, our messages now go to both of our inboxes (although mine sometimes accidentally get deleted when I'm erasing the 149 spam emails that arrive in my inbox each morning). As an added bonus, John pays for each one to be "transcribed" by our computers with varying results. Kind of makes me miss the olden days when a little red light would blink on the answering machine and one could simply press "play," and viola, a message!

Here's a recent ticklish one, from Amber, voicing a complaint about said "phone curse":

"This. Call is my fish a complaint the jenny cellphone rarely work. Returned my call and it says it's wireless customer is not salable. I'm sorry. Frustrating it's not like even and that's it and michigan it's just it's a weird like. Any being. Expired. Is not available. in used you guys right. Church or else you're still on vacation but spots. Comes here since it was dropped hangs because they can't get a hold of jenny whenever i want to Alright i love you both thanks. I love all for it you know hm. Bye."


Lucy said...

I sound incredibly articulate in This. Message. In Spots. I don't know what Fish has to do with it.

Bethany Torode said...

I love the pic.

Julia said...


This was definitely worth sharing...really funny. Speaking of technology problems, I think my computer is dying yet another slow death (this will be the third time now), which is why, even though I found your last two posts really nice, and tried to say so with long, wordy comments, my computer sabotaged me by shutting down. Now Esme is grabbing the screen with teardrops in her eyes, wanting my attention, but I am going to post this comment, darn it! I've been enjoying your blog.

Lucy said...

An update to let your readers know that your phone curse has by no means lifted. It would, although, be mitigated if you activated the voice mail option on your cellphone so your friends could leave messages--something along the lines of "This is Jenny and no you haven't reached me" would do fine.

Lucy said...
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