first steps

Natalie is walking with her walker!


Red said...

I love, in the following order:
1) Jenny's disembodied voice calling to her young.
2) The strange growly noise coming from the baby walker.
3) Frieda in the background, desperately hoping for attention.
4) Natalie's squatty walking stance.
Simply lovely.

Lucy said...

I'd say she's pretty happy about her mobility.

Jenny said...


Your comments made me laugh out loud. I was amazed that such a shoddy video clip could capture so much of what was happening, in particular,
Freda's desperate attempts for my attention. She was really on my nerves this afternoon, as she kept throwing herself between me and Natalie and the walker. I was worried she was going to knock Natalie over, and I don't think she would have been at all sorry had she.

Ser said...

My boys and I just watched the video, at their request, seven times. But then I had to stop, because your voice began to sound like the call of some strange exotic bird.

Luke sends this: "Natalie is so cute. I miss your yard, Anna."

Ser and boys

Dove Knits said...

What talent!

Bethany Torode said...

Ser, this is so funny. Especially Luke's oh-so-male honesty - he misses the yard, not anna.

(Jenny, I want to eat Natalie.)

Jenny said...


Bethany raises a good point.
You tell Luke I miss his MAMA!