one baby bee, one black cat

Baby bee is almost walking.

Anna with Ms. McIvor in the Halloween parade.


Lucy said...

cute. cute. cute.

Ser said...

Oh, so sweet. I miss you all so much! And the picture of Anna with her class, in all of its non-suburbian diversity, parading through that familiar street, makes me miss HP even more.

Jenny said...


How funny--you and I must have been reading each other's blogs at exactly the same moment. I do love that photo of the parade--and Hyde Park misses you terribly. It is a much more barren place without you.

marji said...

our glorious fall has turned into winter ice. but those Hawaiian breezes are just a few days away. My blog is named finding silver linings. I added you as a link. Oos! Is there blog protocol on that? Let me know.
so now you will get a glimpse of life on Kenwood and I will continue to see what thoughts you are having in your new abode!