Ice Cream with Sally

John's Beloved Grandparents, Sally and Warren (with Anna) in NY


I asked you, Sally, as ice cream dripped from the spoon,
If it tasted good.
“Are you kidding?” you said. “This stuff is the best.”
I lifted the spoon to your mouth.
A vanilla tear fell on your shirt.
But you didn’t see.

A faint spark
As if you’re straining
To remember
As if, for a moment
You do.

I lift the spoon to your mouth,
one more time.
You pucker around a peach.
Chewing, thinking,
or not thinking.

You are empty
And you are full.
I put the spoon down.

With you I am empty.
digesting this new awareness,
And letting it fill me.


ragamuffin diva said...

You write so beautifully. I could sit here for hours with you.

Dan K said...

A beautiful verse, Jen. Jan sent me the link. It's sad about Sally, but it's nice that she can get simple pleasures now. Perhaps it is easier for her now. Hope you and John and Anna are well.