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So we had our Christmas services in the home of Darrell and Pat Hill. We drove about four hours total between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, on a long windy road through lava fields--barren and fertile at the same time--ocean on one side and a snow-capped mountain on the other. It helped me, a little, to see some snow for Christmas, even if we didn't get close enough to play in it.

The services were lovely--I was moved by the icons set up in an artist's studio(can you find the paintbrushes and easels?). There was something so good about being together there--a sweet spirit seemed to permeate the air. Christmas Eve, the wind howled against the house, so strong at times that it lifted the roof and dropped it with a thud. We celebrated the liturgy on Christmas Day with sun streaming in the windows, illuminating the falling rain.

Here's a photo of Anna at work on her picture for Santa:

On Christmas Day, back at home, we encountered a large snail and exchanged yuletide greetings:


Ser said...

Oh, Jenny, Christ is Born! Every day I keep meaning to call you, but as you say, the time difference is a bit disorienting. Your lovely Kona coffee arrived on Christmas Eve and right when we were running out--a perfect Christmas gift.

I'm so glad you keep posting. I love reading about your life in Hawaii, and feel close to you, even if I never call.

Bethany Torode said...

This is enough to make me want to go to church again. And that's sayin something. (My husband pipes in, "Too bad the icons are in such contrast to the surroundings - overdressed somber men." But you may remember, o Jenny, when he said XtSavior's choir sounded like a funeral. AH!!!!!)

I looooove the church photo with the light spilling through the door. looove it. I am there with you in my heart even if I'm a holy fool here.

anna j said...

Lovely post, yet again, Jenny.
You gave me a fond memory of a Christmas soon after we moved to Zambia. Being accustomed to Canadian Christmases, it was a definite adjustment to the tropical heat. But we marched into the back yard and found a suitable branch to clip off one of our mango trees . . . and voila, a short while later we had our own version of a Charlie Brown christmas tree :-)

Marji said...

Jenny, It was so wonderful to come home and see that you celebrated Christmas in a way that brought you joy. The photo of John, Anna and the snail evokes a sense of the slow pace of which you write. I'm smiling!