praying mantis

So we've had a Praying Mantis hanging out on the porch the last few days, and it sure is an impressive--and reverent--bug. I can't decide if it looks more like it is praying or directing the choir (Veronica, if you're out there, please advise!) Anyway, I pointed it out to Anna yesterday.

"Look Anna, It's a Praying Mantus. Do you know why they call it that?"

She shook her head.

"Because it's praying!"

"Bugs don't pray, mom," she said.

"Oh yeah they do," I said, "Just look at it."

"Who is it praying for?" she asked.


Anonymous said...

Did you tell her, it was praying that you would be patient with her? -Red

max and marji said...

Max's suggestion: the bug Gods.
It was great to talk; I'll keep you posted. xo, Marji

Dove Knits said...

I had a dream last night that Russell and I up and went to visit you. I think your actual home is nicer than what I dreamt, though. That one had holes in the floor.

Jenny said...


Funny that you had that dream because we've been trying to figure out how to recruit you and Russell. What a joy it would be to have you both with us on Sunday mornings.

Please keep us in your prayers!


Julia said...

I'm no choir director but that bug is definitely directing a make-believe choir. Either way, it's clearly an Orthodox bug, probably an svs alum.

I'm so glad everything is going well for you guys in Kona, Jenny. We got your lovely card-- thanks so much! Esme has been playing with it, and loves to point to Natalie and say "baby."

anna j said...

I'm with Julia as to the choir-directing Mantis . . . but the only choir I am familiar with, as far as singing goes, is a raucous gospel choir. This one does seem to be directing a more Orthodox variety--so I take Julia's word for it!