coffee hour

Did I mention yet that coffee hour is a whole lot different out here on the Big Island? First of all, we have a tiny community, so we pot-luck on a few tables in the center of a large room without walls, the breezes washing through, surrounded by banana, papaya and avocado trees, overlooking the ocean.

The Catholic church where we meet is on a windy road through a neighborhood, and many of the locals keep chickens, so all morning long the roosters crow, dogs bark, and cats prowl about the parking lot.

Today's coffee hour featured a special treat--a visit from a very slow moving, dinosaur-like lizard, a Jackson Chameleon. Anna was delighted to hold the creature, which did hiss and open its gigantic mouth, but did not (perhaps could not?) bite. As it became increasingly agitated it began to turn black. Can you imagine being able to change colors when in a temper?


Dove Knits said...

I'm amazed that Anna doesn't freak out with these critters! I would!

Max said...

The Chameleon would not have been able to bite you, Anna. It does not have teeth, just a very big mouth. It would only clamp down on your arm very, very hard. It might have still hurt, though. I hope this helps. From Max.

Max and Marji said...

Jenny and Anna,
Tonight at dinner Max asked if there was anything new on Jenny's blog. I cracked up! It's just so funny to hear a 7-year-old ask about a blog! So you have an interested reader.

Jenny said...

Marji and Max,

I'm totally flattered that Max is into the blog. I'll try to post soon--hopefully with an interesting image!