wedding hilights

A mini-photo essay for far-away friends and family:

Bride-to-be selects most unusual breakfast food.

Last minute details: groom, flower girl and gramps collecting petals.

The Dance of Isaiah.

Bride chokes on common cup. Fr. John says (just in case anyone hadn't noticed) "Are you choking? Do you need more wine?" Evoking still more giggles.

Awesome Cake!


Lucy said...

This is beautiful Jenny! i love all the photos, especially the one of me eating a bell pepper for breakfast! yum.

I miss you! and Hawaii

Katya said...

Thank you for clarifying, Lucia. I thought it was a papaya, but yes, a bell pepper is a most unusual breakfast.

Jenny - The pictures are beautiul and I keep going back to the quote you put up. If I can remember those words, I don't think I'll have difficulty finding joy everyday.
Katya (myekaterina.blogspot.com)